2018 Women’s Retreat – Tune Our Hearts to Sing Thy Grace

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Our Annual Women’s Retreat serves to support and connect all women in the Parish. Join us for an intergenerational weekend of spiritual nourishment, relaxation, fellowship, and friendship.

This years theme, Tune Our Hearts to Sing Thy Grace, is designed to center and unite the women of Good Shepherd. We hope all participants will bring their own unique experiences and personalities, and together we’ll reorient our lives to put faith at the center.

We’re thrilled to announce storyteller Valerie Tutson and musician Fran McKendree will once again facilitate the retreat.

Cost: $225
Confidential scholarships available upon request.

For more information, contact Aimee Bostwick.

Meet Valerie Tutson

Valerie Tutson graduated from Brown University with a Master’s Degree in Theatre Arts and a degree in a self-designed major—Storytelling As A Communications Art.

Valerie has been telling stories in schools, churches, libraries, festivals, and conferences since 1991. She draws her stories from around the world with an emphasis on African traditions.

Her repertoire includes stories and songs she learned in her travels to South Africa, her experiences in West Africa, stories from African American history.

She is gaining quite a reputation for her exciting retelling of age-old Bible stories. She not only delights listeners with her tale-telling, she also teaches workshops and classes to students of all ages.

Click HERE for video.

Meet Fran McKendree

While walking around his New York City neighborhood one day, looking for inspiration, Fran discovered a small Episcopal church. The next Sunday he and his wife, Diana, went to see what it was all about….finding an engaging, faithful, outreach minded and artistic gathering of seekers.

It was a breakthrough for Fran, opening a new spiritual path which led him to heed the call to to take some time for reflection.

He and Diana moved to a small town on Cape Cod, where, setting aside his music, he began to work with youth, build houses, and make furniture, eventually feeling a deep longing to make music again.

He has released several CDs, as well as producing recordings for other artists at his Teerivane Studios in Hendersonville, NC, where he and Diana now live. He has continued to develop and explore his calling; doing concerts, as music leader and coordinator for conferences, keynote presenter, mentor, and workshop leader.

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