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Automating Your Contributions

Contributions To Good Shepherd May Be Automated In One of Two Ways.

  1. By contacting your bank and registering for a recurring payment through their automatic-payment system.  For the purposes of these systems, the mailing address to use for Good Shepherd is: P.O. Box 5176, Austin, TX 78763.


  1. By registering through our online-processing software, Automated Church Systems (or “ACS”).  You may Click here to be directed to the Payment Page, where the “Access ACS” login screen will appear.  At this page, you may sign-in (if you already have an account), or create a new account using your email address.  When creating a new account, ACS will email you an initial password so you can begin the login process (you can change this password after logging in for the first time).

Once logged into the system, you will find options for scheduling automatic payments, either from a credit card, or directly from your bank account. You may choose to make a one-time payment or recurring payments based on the frequency you choose.

Please do note that ACS charges Good Shepherd a fee for your use of their system.

If you have any questions regarding your financial contributions to Good Shepherd, please contact our Director of Finance, Lisa Ard.