Elementary Formation


Windsor Campus Contact:  Julie Reynolds | Woodland Campus Contact: Sam Hensley

Formation Offerings

K5 - 5th Grade
Workshop Rotations teaches biblical stories and history through music, art, storytelling, creative movement, scavenger hunts, food, and science. Sunday-by-Sunday, elementary-aged children learn as they rotate through this variety of “workshops,” allowing parent and congregational leaders to teach different ages in the same setting over the course of a three-to-five week series, while, over the same stretch, the material remains fresh and energetic for participants experiencing the story differently each morning.

Summer: Age 3 – 3rd Grade | Fall: K – 3rd Grade
At the reading of the Gospel in both 10:30a worship services, families may choose for their young children to follow appointed Youth guides to the Children’s Choir Room for a meaningful Children’s Chapel program of movement, music, and story. Children’s Chaplains then lead the participating children’s return to their family’s care at the exchange of The Peace, just before the Eucharistic Prayer begins.

Ages 3 - 10
Kids are invited to sing, play, and build community with one another through music, art, and storytelling.

2nd Grade and Older, Offered during Lent
While we welcome all children receive Communion, our Communion Instruction class empowers our Second Graders (and older) to make worship a home for their faith. With at least one parent present and supporting their learning, children closely examine the furnishings and layout of the church; the altar and its vessels of worship; and the Altar Guild sacristy. Additionally, participants explore the Sacrament’s meaning, as well as practice the choreography for receiving the bread and wine.

4th - 5th Grades
The Edge creates an opportunity for our children to build a supportive and loving community of friends who will walk with them as they begin a challenging, transitional time in their lives. This precursor to Youth Group explores friendship and fellowship while nurturing healthy relationships and a strong church community. These bonds have a life-long impact on our children.

Where & When

Children's Chapel
Sundays, during our 10:30a Services
Education Center | Windsor Campus

The offerings below will return from summer Sabbath in September.

Workshop Rotations
Sundays, 9:30a
Education Center | Windsor Campus

Music & Movement on The Hill
Sundays, 10:30a
Woodland Campus

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