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Windsor Campus Contact: Chris Oelkers


Rehearsal: Wednesdays, 7:30p & Before the 10:30a Services
Windsor Campus

The Good Shepherd Choir leads our parish in the worship of God through the liturgy of the church. It is open to all singers high school age and older. The Choir sings at most 10:00a Sunday Eucharist services and the services of Principal Feasts, Fasts, and Holy Week. Because learning music together requires consistency, group members are asked to participate in both Wednesday rehearsals and Sunday services as often as possible.

Rehearsal: Wednesdays, 6:54p & the Second Sunday of each month before 6:00p Evensong
Windsor Campus

The Evensong Choir is a subset of the Good Shepherd Choir that is devoted to the singing of Choral Evensong on the second Sunday of the month during the program year. The Choir’s repertory focuses on plainsong and Anglican choral literature from the Tudor era to the present.

Rehearsal: Sundays, before the 10:30a services
Windsor Campus

The Summer Choir is a great opportunity for members of the congregation with limited time to contribute to the musical life of the church! The Summer Choir sings and leads worship through the summer months (June-August). It is open to singers in middle school age and older, and no experience is necessary. Singers are encouraged to participate as often as their schedule allows.


Rehearsal: Wednesdays, 5:30p
Windsor Campus

Children's Choir fosters the musical growth of our advanced singers by developing their singing voices, teaching them to read music notation, exploring more challenging selections throughout the year, and even incorporating drums to develop rhythm and ensemble skills. This choir performs on the first Sunday of most months throughout the program year, in addition to some holidays.


Windsor Campus
The new pipe organ comes to us from the Létourneau Organ Company in Ste. Hyacinthe, Quebec. The overall design concept is that of a ‘divided’ organ; the greater portion of the instrument is located in the gallery at the rear of the nave. The second, smaller component will be installed in the chancel area, but at a later date, as funds become available to complete the project. The entire instrument will then be playable from a 3-manual (keyboard) and pedal console, which occupies the same space and footprint as that of the previous organ. The gallery organ is voiced to support congregational singing and for the playing of organ repertoire, while the chancel organ will be designed more with choir accompaniment in mind. When complete, this instrument will consist of 55 ranks (sets of pipes), featuring over 3,000 individual pipes, ranging in size from that of a pencil to 16 feet in length. When complete this will be a beautiful and versatile instrument, and a real contribution to the musical life of our parish and that of the greater Austin community.

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