Sheila Abio

Sheila joined Good Shepherd Episcopal School in June 2018. She oversees all aspects of the school’s daily operations, including developing relationships and leading teachers and staff to foster success for all children at GSES.

Sheila was born in Palm Beach, Florida and attended private boarding schools throughout her formative years. The nine years prior to Good Shepherd, she was the Early Childhood Division Head at St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School in Kansas City, Missouri. Sheila has also worked in the fields of social work and counseling psychology. She graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in psychology, before receiving a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Avila University. In 2016 Sheila earned a second Master’s degree in educational leadership from Pennsylvania State University. Sheila and her husband Vince have a daughter, Isabel; a son, Fisher; and a dog named Bodie. Sheila and her family enjoy spending time with friends and family, swimming, sailing, and traveling together.