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The Way of Love


The Way of Love
2019 - 2020

Learn | Bless | Pray | Go | Turn | Worship | Rest

More than a program or curriculum, the Way of Love is a return to the ancient pathways and rules of life that followers of Jesus have observed for centuries. Earlier followers knew the power of committing to a core set of practices and gathering in a small group where you find love and support for living into these commitments. If we hope to, not only worship Jesus, but to grow more like him and bear his redeeming love in the world, we can adopt a rule of life like the Way of Love and find a community with which to practice it.

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A rule of life is an intentional commitment to a set of practices that provide guidance, rhythm and inspiration for living a beautiful, meaningful and holy life. As we place these practices at the heart of our daily lives and join with companions who share the commitment, we grow more and more in the unselfish, hope-filled Way of Love that Jesus embodied in the world.


We invite you to take time exploring these practices for living a Jesus-centered life using the resources in this book. Also, join us for worship on Sundays and formation on Wednesday evenings, during which we will spend time together in these seven practices. Remember no one follows Jesus all alone. The ideal way to live the Way of Love is in a community of love, support and accountability.

WOL Events and Offerings

(Windsor Campus)

More than a program or curriculum, Way of Love is an intentional commitment to a set of practices which help us to follow Jesus.

Within this practice we invite parishioners to join Foyer Groups that will gather periodically to break bread together and share meaningful conversation about this rule of life.

Childcare will be available at the kick-off dinner. 

Wednesdays (Windsor Campus)
Please note: Nursery is open from 4:30p - 6:30p

This year, Good Shepherd invites parishioners of all ages to incorporate something new into their regular weekly rhythm: “Wednesdays on Windsor,” a relaxed and engaging evening of food, fellowship, and formation on our Windsor campus. Now the primary time for adult formation on the Windsor campus, these evenings will offer a free, healthy, and delicious chef-prepared meal available between 5:00 and 7:00; time and space for casual visiting and community building; and organized formation offerings centered around Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s The Way of Love.

Our hope is that you will join us for whatever part of Wednesdays on Windsor works for you, whether that be a quick bite with your family, a longer dinner and conversation with parish friends, a full evening of spiritual learning – or any combination of the above. Dinner is available to anyone on campus between 5:00 and 7:00, and adult formation programs will begin at 6:30 - see full schedule below.

5:00p – 5:45p
Children’s Program | EC 204

4:30p – 6:30p
Nursery Open | Nursery

5:00p – 7:00p
Dinner | PLC

Healing Service | Nave

All offerings will be on the second floor of the Education Center
Edge | Edge Lounge
Middle School Youth Group | Youth Corner
Mom's Evening Book Clue | EC 209
Dads' Bible Study | EC 211
WOL Discussion Group | Media Room (details below)

November 6 | The Rev. Kathy Pfister
Discussion Details

Join Kathy Pfister and members of The Hill community for a panel discussion facilitated by Will Jones V. They will discuss the practice of BLESS in the context of mission, service and the development of a second campus congregation.

November 13 | Tailgate Party
Discussion Details

Good Shepherd is focusing on the spiritual practice of BLESS from October 20 – November 13. This practice will culminate with the second annual tailgate party on Wednesday, November 13 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Blessings will abound as all four Good Shepherd institutions gather for a cook off, live music and a little team spirit. Come decked out in your favorite football team’s jersey and have some fun! Before the evening ends, the clergy will bless the meals packed for El Buen.

November 20 | Bless Eucharist
Discussion Details

Join us for a “Rite 3” Holy Eucharist during the Wednesdays on Windsor formation hour on November 20th.

As a follow-up to our recent Instructed Eucharist, this “Rite 3” service is an informal celebration of the Holy Eucharist that follows the structure of a traditional eucharistic liturgy while creating space for creativity. By defining which components of the liturgy are considered essential, the authors of the Prayer Book created a rite that preserves our Anglican tradition of “common worship” while allowing for more Holy Spirit-driven innovation and congregational participation.

For example, in the place of a sermon we’ll have a conversation about the Gospel passage and to mark the last week in our Way of Love season of “Bless,” we’ll share our stories of blessing. Instead of using a set “form “of the Prayers of the People from the Prayer Book, we’ll use intercessory prayers written by a member of the community. We’ll gather around the altar in a circle and pass the bread and wine to each other, and the Eucharistic Prayer will combine familiar, fixed passages with extemporaneous prayers that come out of our experience together.

The heart of the liturgy will be the same, but the overall feel will be more informal, collaborative and intimate. So please join us for an evening of liturgical experimentation and sacrament-centered fellowship and learning! For more information about this offering, contact Brandon Ashcraft at brandon@gsaustin.org.

December 4 | An Evening with St. Nicholas, speaker TBD
Discussion Details

Details to come.

2nd Wednesday of the month beginning in September (The Hill)

Grow in friendship with the women of Good Shepherd and The Hill. Join us as we share our stories, learn new things and celebrate the many gifts of our community. Interested? Contact Donna White.


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