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Here at Good Shepherd, the clergy, staff and parish community lovingly support one other through both joyous and sorrowful moments of our lives. Living this way we make God's love known to one another. God works through sacramental ritual to offer us his grace.


Infant Baptism
We believe that in Holy Baptism, we celebrate God’s knowledge and love of every child, from the beginning of time and forever. We celebrate this sacrament on the traditional Sunday feasts designated in The Book of Common Prayer (the Baptism of Jesus, in January; Easter Eve, in spring; Pentecost, in early summer; and All Saints’, in November); the Last Sunday of Epiphany, in late winter; our “High School Senior” Sunday in May; the Sunday nearest the Fourth of July holiday; the first Sunday of August; and the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  Please note that the constraints of space customarily limit the number of baptisms to six, per Sunday.

Requirements for Holy Baptism at Good Shepherd:

To have a child baptized at Good Shepherd, parents must:

  • be current, active members of Good Shepherd;


  • be the near relation (child or grandchild) of current, active members of Good Shepherd;


  • attend with godparents the preparation class scheduled for the occasion.

Adult Baptism
We joyfully welcome adults and older children for baptism, not only on designated baptismal dates, but on Sundays of Confirmation, which we share with a visiting bishop twice each year.  These older baptismal candidates will be prepared in coordination with the parish’s clergy.


We believe Christian marriage is a request for God’s blessing upon a covenant freely undertaken by a couple for their lifetime. We understand the wedding ceremony to be only the first of many sacred steps toward lifelong communion and commitment with one another and with God, through the Church. The Church understands its role as one that invites this blessing upon a couple’s vows for a lifelong relationship, and then commits to helping the marriage partners flourish in their life together. All weddings of Good Shepherd follow the service for the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage found in The Book of Common Prayer.

Requirements for The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage at Good Shepherd:

One in the couple must be a current, active member of Good Shepherd for at least six months prior to submitting a request;


one in the couple must be the near relation (child or grandchild) of current, active members of Good Shepherd;


the couple must participate in one of two, Saturday-morning Wedding Seminars held each year. Following participation in the Seminar, the couple must complete pre-marital counseling and with a priest on staff.

While we welcome those meeting the above standard and seeking remarriage in the Church, such couples should visit with a priest regarding the additional process for petitioning the Bishop of Texas for that permission.


If you suffer a death in your family, please notify the parish office: 512.476.3523.

Ministry and care of grieving families is a priority for the Good Shepherd community. The clergy, staff, and congregation stand ready to support those who suffer a death in their family. All funerals of the parish abide the rich memorial services found in The Book of Common Prayer, and our clergy will aid the grieving through the important details of memorial and burial, whether that means planning ahead or planning when a loved one dies unexpectedly.

Please note that we customarily cannot host memorial services on Saturdays.

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