Confirmation is a sacramental rite in which those who have been duly prepared make a public affirmation of their faith and a commitment to the responsibilities of Baptism and receive the laying on of hands by the bishop. Confirmation is appropriate for anyone who has been baptized and matured in their faith, would like to renew their baptismal vows, and has not been confirmed before.

Confirmation is a public, adult affirmation of your baptism. To be received means you have been baptized in another denomination, and you want to be received by the bishop into the Episcopal Church. Reaffirmation is for those who have already been baptized and confirmed, but feel drawn to make a public reaffirmation of their faith. Each of these rites is open to ALL adults who desire to take this step.

Preparation classes are required, whether you intend to be confirmed, received, or reaffirmed. We welcome seekers of all backgrounds — those who were formerly confirmed in a different faith, those who have attended church for years yet never were officially confirmed, and those who simply wish to renew their confirmation vows.  The course of study explores the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, church history, liturgy, the Episcopalian faith, and whatever other topics are of interest.

If you are interested in becoming confirmed or learning about upcoming Confirmation classes for youth or adults, please contact us.

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