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Personal Reflection: Being Christian… at Good Shepherd


Sue Dockery, Parishioner

Christianity involves struggle, effort, and determination. My
belief is that committed and compassionate Christians are what our community, country, and world need most today. To love and be loved; to give and have that gift used; to listen, hear, and be heard; to see and be seen as one of God’s special creations — we ALL need each other in ALL of our diversities.

“Teach us, Oh Lord, that you are the only just and perfect judge”

To be a peacemaker with compassion and understanding, with genuine humility and the wisdom of patience is my Lenten hope for all of us.

Coming to Austin from a conservative tradition of liturgy and love of the great music of the church, Good Shepherd’s Windsor campus felt like home. But when Good Shepherd on the Hill was established – through prayer – I felt led to give up my comfortability and risk a new experience of faith. I believe God always goes before us and is near us, and I have felt God’s presence in new ways at The Hill.

Almost everything is different — and everything is incredibly beautiful, welcoming, creative, and energetic! We are small; we come from different backgrounds in our community; and there is so much love, joy, and compassion. Most of the music is a new way to sing joyful praises to our God. And the liturgy — it is OUR liturgy — it is what makes us unique — it is our beauty, strength, and truth, as we seek to serve our Lord.

God calls us to follow; it isn’t always comfortable and many times it’s very hard; but we always come to understand, with new perspectives, His direction.

This Lent, I want to be a peacemaker — in my community, in my family — to be a part of showing God’s love to the world around me; to celebrate a teachable heart — to risk loving someone I don’t understand, as I have been loved and understood!

My prayer is that each of us experiences God’s mercy, His peace, and His mighty hand in ALL of our experiences.

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