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Food for thought: a message about loss

This past Sunday, May 14, we concluded Sunday formation for this program year. Our final adult formation offering, Lost and Found, was a three-week speaker series exploring loss as a part of the human experience, as well as the Easter promise of being Found in Christ.

The third and final speaker, Dr. Pittman McGehee, Jr., concluded the class with the excerpt below, written by Frederick Buchner as part of a speech to a graduating class at Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

Whether or not you attended the series, we hope you will be encouraged by these words this summer, and always.

The word is full of dark shadows to be sure, both the world without and the world within, and the road we’ve set off on is long and hard and often hard to find, but the word is trust. Trust the deepest intuitions of your own heart, trust the source of your own truest gladness, trust the road, trust him. And praise him, too. Praise him for all we leave behind us in our traveling. Praise him for all we lose that lightens our feet, for all that the long road of the years bears off like a river. Praise him for stillness in the wake of pain. But praise him, too, for the knowledge that what’s lost is nothing to what’s found, and that all the dark there ever was, set next to the light, would scarcely fill a cup.

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