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Personal Reflection: Experiencing the Senses through the Gift of Sight


Dora Lee Little

When I think of the sacred senses, I recall my work with children and the gift of sight. I am an art teacher. Through my experience, I’ve learned exposing children to art allows deeper insight into their vivid, colorful and glorious imaginations. By recognizing each child’s creative vision, I am inspired to recognize my own Christ-given creative powers. This acknowledgement is freeing and liberating. I am grateful.

Exposing children to bright and engaging colors can inspire them to think more openly and creatively. Watching children get inspired by the sight of their art inspires me to think anew about the beauty around us. Working with children who are using paint or any artistic medium requires patience. Children can so eloquently teach us this virtue. By admiring a child carefully and ever-so-slowly coloring a sunset, I am made to acknowledge the stillness. It is then that I can stop to show gratitude for the beauty around me and realize my busying days often pass me without heeding God’s daily gifts and the sacred sense of sight.

I believe seeing the world through the eyes of a child can inspire all of us. Children not only bring us closer together with the sacred sense of sight, but also teach us we are all the same. We each want an aesthetically pleasing surrounding, which in return provides security and allows positive thinking or happy thoughts. Often when I am teaching, I use encouragement to create a positive learning environment for my students. So often, we praise our children for using their vivid imaginations to create, but forget to nourish our own imaginations by reading, playing “restaurant” with our children, or even visiting a local museum. Remembering to show gratitude for our sacred senses isn’t easy.

In His eyes we are all beautifully and wonderfully made. How comforting! As it is written, He views us all as his children. He notes every hair on our head and every beautiful imperfection. It is with this thought that we strive to accept our selves as His children, as professionals, as parents, as friends, as a sisters, and as a spouses. I believe the sacred sense of sight brings out the Divine within us, and this provides for a deeper understanding of our walk on this uneven and sometimes treacherous road with Christ.

Peace be with you this Lenten season.


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