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Disciples Among Us: Barbara Pitts


Jessica Riels

I love the idea that as followers of Christ, we are all in full-time ministry. Whether you are standing in front of the crowd, preaching on Sunday morning; or leading your family in prayer around a dinner table. If you are a believer, you are called to be the light of the world. One of the brightest lights I have witnessed in our church, came from down the preschool hallway on Sunday mornings.

In 2015, Barbara Pitts saw a need and created a children’s ministry during formation hour. She took preschoolers around the globe with “Music and Movement”. Every Sunday morning, we would walk our girls (ages 3 and 4 at this time) down the hall to see Ms. Barbara. She would greet them with joy and respect at the door, as if she had been waiting all week to see them. They grew to truly love her. Even now when they see her at church, their faces light up with excitement. To them, she is a superhero (to me, she is too!) Barbara is, and I expect always will be, an important part of my girls’ first understanding and memories of church. For this, I am eternally grateful.

This comes after years of involvement in children’s ministry, so I know there are countless others who have similar stories. And it’s not just the children Barbara shepherds so well. I am new to the Episcopal church. Being baptized and confirmed as an adult at Good Shepherd has been life-giving and transformative. My faith journey led me to Godly Play a few years ago – where I stepped into a sacred space Barbara had pioneered for years. Here I learned about Jesus alongside the littles; and I was lucky enough to have Barbara as a teammate and guide.

Barbara is a brilliant educator, classroom manager, and has grace for days. I am thankful for how selflessly she shares her warmth and myriad of talents with our church family. She has the beautiful gift of understanding how to meet our children – and their adults – right where they are. This is how you disciple.


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