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Disciples Among Us: William Cromwell


Joel Richardson

Many of us know him personally, as he’s been a parishioner and lay leader at GS for many years. I bet everyone recognizes him. If you attend the 10:30 morning service, and if you peak over to the lectern side (what this ex-Baptist calls the preacher’s side), you will spy a kindly man helping our older parishioners – that’s William Cromwell.

I will admit that I don’t know William all that well, but what I can share is this: to this usher captain, William is one of those cogs that make Sunday mornings go smoothly.

Most of us don’t notice what he does, but silently, gracefully, and kindly, William ensures that our parishioners who need assistance are taken care of. Every Sunday? Yes! I doubt he’s ever missed a service. He’s there early, places bulletins on people’s chairs, lovingly greets people, and helps them with their seats. He ensures their needs are taken care of from communion to lending an arm for support.

Attentively, he lets the clergy and ushers know if anything needs to be addressed, but you wouldn’t necessarily notice, well, unless you are one of us who depend on William for a great worship experience. It’s people here, like William, who do the little things that add up to the big things that make us a family.


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