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Disciples Among Us: Laura Eldredge


Camille Pfister

The Hill is a special place filled with wonderful people – one of whom is Laura Eldredge. I haven’t known Laura all that long but have quickly learned she’s one of the most kind and compassionate people I know.

Laura spends significant time and energy making sure The Hill is the best place it can be for anyone who walks onto the campus. On any given Sunday, you’ll find Laura welcoming newcomers, organizing the space, engaging in philosophical conversations with the Adult formation class, and if she isn’t already occupied with one of those things, she’s offering herself for a job – any job needed.

Laura joined The Hill community very early in its formation and her participation has been essential in growing the loving community The Hill has become. She believes in the mission of the second campus and wants to help ensure it reaches its fullest potential. She does so not only in the ways she tends church life, but in the ways in which she cares for and loves her Good Shepherd family.

When we learned that one of our friends, Ruby, who also attends church at The Hill was in a play, Laura offered to bring myself and Arden Bostwick to see it. It was such an unusual thing to me, an adult going out of her way to encourage our friendship and support one of our youth. We all attended the play together, had a wonderful time and supported our friend’s performance. Her genuine gesture was a true moment of discipleship and a powerful example to me.

Laura makes connections between people and fosters friendships. It is this gift of discipleship that deepens and strengthens our community across both campuses. Keeping a smile on her face and a task on her mind, she fills us with hope of a large and bright campus.

Laura is filled to the brim with love, compassion, sacrifice, and hope: a true disciple. She loves every one of us and The Hill with her whole heart and soul.

The Hill would not be the place it is today without Laura Eldredge. For that and so much more, we thank her.


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