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What a Weekend to be an Episcopalian!

Dear Parish Family & Friends,

Wow! By now, I bet you’ve heard that after The Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, spoke here at Good Shepherd two weeks ago, he announced an invitation to preach at a fancy wedding the day-before-yesterday…and it was amazing! Since then, the whole world has become curious about this Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, and yesterday, back here in Austin, we gave thanks for the Good News with Pentecost Picnics on both campuses, baptisms at two services, and a rousing message celebrating all the happy attention.

I am guessing that we will be waiting a while before Saturday Night Live features The Episcopal Church again, so I encourage everyone to enjoy this moment, reminded of how powerful a faithful, positive message of Love can be. We want to share this blessing! Invite a neighbor to come to church with you and experience the sacred pageantry, the lofty prayers, the inspired music, the soaring rhetoric…that we call Sunday worship. No excuses now about how to start that conversation: “Did you see the Royal Wedding? Wasn’t that wonderful! You know, Bishop Curry was at my church just a couple of weeks ago…you should come with me one Sunday and see for yourself what a special place The Episcopal Church is.”

And – don’t forget! – with General Convention, the Bishop Curry Love Train is coming to Austin this summer, along with several thousand Episcopalians from all over the place. If you haven’t signed up to volunteer, there’s still time and opportunity.

Seeking that time “when Love is the way,”

The Rev. Morgan S. Allen

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