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Good Shepherd Benevolence 2022

Good Shepherd Benevolence 2022

Thanks to a generous benefactor, Good Shepherd parishioners were again this year able to share God’s love with members of the greater community. As you wrote after your experiences, the generosity was much appreciated by those who received it. A high school custodian whose family has recently moved here from Mexico; an Afghani family of eight; a young woman who recently lost her job and needed money for groceries; a school crossing guard who had spoken of wanting a Christmas tree; and the family of a young severely disabled boy facing surgery—these are a handful of the people whose lives were made brighter by what one giver called “the unconditional love of Good Shepherd.” 

Here’s a sampling of the heartfelt messages:

“Cain is a custodian at the high school where I teach. He came to the US last year without his family. Last Christmas he traveled back to Mexico to see his family but this year his wife and children have moved to the US and are in school locally. So he is looking forward to spending Christmas with them and appreciates that Good Shepherd can help provide some resources for gifts for them. We didn’t discuss specific gifts but rather the blessings of God and the sharing of blessings from Good Shepherd.”

“I gave the money to an Afghani family who have been here for a year and a half – 5 children, a husband Abdullah, his wife and sister. When we delivered some chairs and the money, we were invited in for tea and nuts and dates, sitting  on the floor. They were so appreciative and it made me realize how difficult it is to live in another culture and to be dependent on the kindness of strangers. Abdullah had worked for the Americans and no doubt had to leave his homeland in a hurry. God bless all those who come here for a better life!”

“With this money I was able to provide a Christmas to an 11 year-old boy (Antonio) who otherwise may not have had one. Antonio will be waking up Christmas morning to new pairs of pants, underwear, shirts, new jackets, tennis shoes, a skateboard and helmet, and an off-road remote control car. Thank you to the provider of these gifts this season and I thank the Lord for using me as a vessel. “

“We gave the money to a very sweet man from Indonesia who is working here in the States. He works to provide for his two young daughters in Jakarta. He was beyond thankful.“

“There is a girl who lives in my apartment complex that lost her job and her medical insurance recently. She lives by herself and I know she has been struggling lately. I was able to buy her groceries with the $100 and she was so thankful. She said she hadn’t been able to afford to go grocery shopping really and wasn’t eating that much. She was so grateful and we prayed thanking God for His love and goodness up ahead. It was really special.”

A huge thanks to all of you who participated! Your thoughtfulness and stewardship in this Advent season are such beautiful expressions of the love at work in the Good Shepherd community. You have inspired us all! 

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