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Campus Improvements

Project History & Status: 2013-2017

In 2011, The Vestry of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd began discerning our existing and emerging ministry needs. This discernment, incorporating the leadership of Good Shepherd Episcopal School, included review of a Master Plan from 2003 and evaluating continuing and emerging needs of the parish and the school.

After prayerful consideration, the Vestry of the parish and the Board of the Good Shepherd Episcopal School determined a building program would be necessary to accomplish God’s vision for our community.

The urgency driving this decision was at least fourfold:

  • our municipal permits allowing the completion of the Master Plan were set to expire in August of 2014;
  • the accreditation team surveying the school’s facilities and program during the 2011 academic year, expressed concern that our building might not be able to support the operation of a school in as few as five years;
  • our worship building and organ had suffered increased wear and deterioration not present during the 2003 planning;
  • and our community’s renewed and continuing commitment to serve our Austin neighbors in need demanded increased support to achieve God’s hope for our outreach ministries.

Our founding campus, on the corner of Windsor Road and Exposition Boulevard, had served our community well for over 60 years. However, the annual cost of maintaining its aging facilities passed the tipping point of good stewardship. While parish and school leadership had done everything possible with the resources that were available, demolition of several extant buildings and redevelopment of the entire site proved the most cost-effective strategy to meet Good Shepherd’s needs.

Supported by the counsel of professional evaluations, Good Shepherd’s leadership determined that the least interruptive strategy for completing the project would stage the needed improvements in three major construction phases: one which began at our second-campus, Good Shepherd on the Hill, in mid-summer of 2013; one, focusing on the Parish Life Center and Education Building, which began on our founding, Windsor Campus, in late summer of 2014; and the final stage, focusing on our Church Building, which began last fall of 2015, and – God willing – will complete this fall of 2016.

To support this project, the Vestry launched the $20,000,000 campaign to Build the Beloved Community.  As of this fall of 2016, we have received commitments of $18.5m, of which more than $12m has been received, to-date.

To make a pledge in support this important Campaign, please complete the form to the right.

In the early fall of 2014, Good Shepherd completed redevelopment of our second campus, Good Shepherd on the Hill.  For the following academic year, the campus hosted Good Shepherd Episcopal School while during its Windsor-Campus facilities’ construction.  Last fall of 2015, work began to transition the space from school-exclusive use, to provide for both our worshipping congregation – launched in April of 2016 – and the early-childhood program we expect to launch in 2017.

Renewal of the Woodland Campus was extensive, from the parishioner-led effort to transform its beautiful hill into a community gathering space; gutting and remodeling the existing structure; and adding an entirely new parking, driveway, and sidewalk infrastructure.

In late summer of 2015, Good Shepherd completed the Parish Life Center, which currently hosts much of our Sunday worship.  Once we complete the renewal and expansion of our Worship Building, this large, beautiful space will host parish and community events, supported by its state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.

In that same late summer of 2015, we also completed the Education Center, the first floor of which hosts Good Shepherd Episcopal School, and the second floor of which offers space for our expanding, parish formational programming.

Around these new buildings, we completed two new playgrounds, and below those structures, a subterranean parking garage, welcoming young families and adding convenience for all visiting our campus.

Since last fall of 2015, Good Shepherd’s construction has focused on the heart of our campus, our Church Building.  The renewal and expansion of this space continues, and will ultimately provide an entirely new HVAC; new roof and gutter system; restored, improved, and expanded electrical, lighting, and audio-visual systems; restored pews; restored and enhanced stained-glass windows; a new, slate floor; an expanded “narthex” (foyer) including bathrooms and festival seating; increased seating and accessibility for the mobility-impaired; a 25-bell carillon; and a new pipe organ, built by Orgues Léteourneau, of Quebec.  God willing, we will return worship to the Church Building this Christmas Eve.