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Windsor Campus


The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, located on the corner of Windsor and Exposition in Austin’s historic Tarrytown neighborhood, has been an area staple since 1951 when the church was dedicated by Bishop Quin. At that time, the stunning church building, along with a Parish House (now Parish Hall), stood alone on the corner until the grounds were landscaped to match the beauty of the church building.

Good Shepherd has since been known, not only for its worshipping community, but also for its recognizable and stunning presence in the neighborhood. Renewal and expansion of the church building began in September 2015. The sanctuary is set to re-open on Christmas Eve, 2016.

The Parish Hall is as much a staple on the campus as the sanctuary. Now connected to the Education Center, the Parish Hall has long served the congregation well for receptions, fellowship events, school functions, and so much more.

In 1979 the area between the sanctuary and the Parish House was converted into a garth which is still intact and regularly used today. Smooth red bricks were laid on the ground, defining an open courtyard partially surrounded by a covered walkway.

Early in 1994, the Vestry made a decision to construct a columbarium – a structure of vaults lined with recesses for installation of cinerary urns for the repository of cremated ashes – as part of the garth. The columbarium, which accommodates nearly 200 urns, was dedicated in November of 1994, coinciding with Good Shepherd’s 50 th Anniversary celebration.

Nestled in the trees outside of the garth, this charming and mysterious red chapel sits somewhat secluded. An important part of the physical facilities, the Wayside Shrine of the Holy Spirit was built in 1949 and consecrated on Christmas Day of that year. Inspired by a small shrine hidden in the shadows of a San Francisco Cathedral, this place of quiet, intended for prayer and meditation, was built for the Good Shepherd and Austin communities.

The Administration Building was completed in 2005 as part of phase one of the Master Plan and serves as office space for the majority of the Good Shepherd Staff and Clergy. The space is also used to host art exhibits for the Art Around the Office Series. The Administration Building is open from 9:00a – 5:00p, Monday through Friday and on Sunday mornings.

In August of 2015, construction of the Parish Life Center (PLC) and Education Center (EC) completed as part of our larger campaign to Build the Beloved Community and fulfill the master plan for the Windsor Campus. This 55,600 square-foot space, designed with community, fellowship, and education at its center, is home to Good Shepherd Episcopal School, an industrial kitchen, several designated Christian formation rooms, a Children’s Choir room, a Vestry room, space for the Contemplative Prayer service, and more.

The PLC, which is serving as the interim worship space at Good Shepherd while the sanctuary is under renovation, accounts for 3,500 square feet of the combined buildings. The PLC has all the beauty of a traditional sanctuary - including a 100-year old stained-glass window that was revived from an Illinois church – along with clean, classic design enhanced by natural light.

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Worship is the heart of the Good Shepherd community. In worship, we come together to acknowledge the holiness of God, to hear the stories of our tradition, to offer prayer, and to celebrate God’s continuing presence among us. It is in worship that we live out our life as a Christian family, and all are welcome to participate!

For Episcopalians, the way in which we worship – primarily using The Book of Common Prayer – is our strongest means of forming our identity and expressing our faith. That faith finds its fullest expression in the Holy Communion, our most characteristic form of worship. We celebrate the Holy Communion at four services on Sundays in addition to weekday services.


Sunday, 7:30a | Holy Communion in the Parish Life Center

Sunday, 10:30a | Holy Communion in the Parish Life Center

Sunday, 10:30a | Holy Communion, Communion Café in the Parish Hall

Sunday, 6:00p | Holy Communion in the Parish Life Center

Tuesday, 12:15p | Holy Communion in the Parish Life Center

Wednesday, 5:30p | Holy Communion, with anointing for healing in the Parish Life Center

Thursday, 5:30p | Contemplative Prayer in the Reflection Room – EC 208 (Holy Communion is celebrated at this service in the Parish Life Center every 3rd Thursday of the month)


Good Shepherd Episcopal School is a place where young children come to play, learn, and explore God's creation with a sense of wonder and excitement. For more than 65 years, Good Shepherd Episcopal School has lovingly served children ages two through Kindergarten.

Visit Good Shepherd Episcopal School.