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A Ministry Of Leadership

A “Vestry” is the lay leadership body of an Episcopal congregation. The Vestry and Rector partner in modeling servant leadership, with the Rector responsible for the “spiritual welfare” of the community, and the Vestry responsible for the “temporal welfare” of the institution. To meet these holy obligations, the Good Shepherd Vestry shares the following covenant:

We, the Good Shepherd Vestry:   

  • joyfully share the privilege of leadership in this congregation;
  • serve our parish and our community in the name of Jesus Christ and for the good of God’s Kingdom, guided at all times by Holy Scripture;
  • commit ourselves to faithful attendance of meetings of the Vestry;
  • promise daily prayer for one another, for the staff of the parish, and for the people of our congregations;
  • commit to faithful attendance of Sunday and festival worship in the parish;
  • commit to sacrificial giving to the Church as a witness of our gratitude for the blessings we enjoy;
  • and commit to faithful participation in the programming of the parish, seeking to be supportive and knowledgeable of the endeavors of our congregation.

Class of 2022

Greg Riels
Senior Warden

Lisa McMinn
Junior Warden

Paige Hoover

Rod Lowman

Rick Meyer

Class of 2023

Susan Harris

Ted Jarrett

Lindsey Trull

Janie Walker

Donna White

Class of 2024

Michael Bogart

Bobby Chesney

Will Holford

Sarah Sarahan

Erin Stephens

Katie Romano