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Loving Our Neighbors Across Every Difference And Division

Dear Parish Family & Friends, In our annual commemoration of All Faithful Departed, we, the living, seek to renew the meaning of our mortal existence. In customary Good Shepherd form, this weekend’s celebrations were beautiful and moving: oboe and harp, orchestra and choir in Rutter’s Requiem; the tolling bell and the praying of the Necrology […]

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A Good Word from the Rector: Back to School!

Dear Parish Family & Friends, We are now officially back to school!  After yesterday’s wonderful Sunday of blessing backpacks for ourselves and for others; of commissioning students and educators; and of asking God to ride with our new, teen drivers; we are now ready for all comers on our first days of school.  For a […]

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A Good Word from the Rector: Responding To Family Separations

Dear Parish Family and Friends, When my fourteen-year-old son was younger, he would explain misbehaviors by claiming to have “accidentally” done what he was not supposed to have done. Over time, my wife and I helped Michael realize that he had, in fact, purposely pushed his sister despite knowing better, and while we appreciated his […]

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What a Weekend to be an Episcopalian!

Dear Parish Family & Friends, Wow! By now, I bet you’ve heard that after The Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, spoke here at Good Shepherd two weeks ago, he announced an invitation to preach at a fancy wedding the day-before-yesterday…and it was amazing! Since then, the whole world has become curious about this Episcopal branch of […]

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A Good Word from the Rector: Staff Transitions

Dear Parish Family and Friends, Alleluia, Christ is risen! The Lord is risen, indeed! Alleluia! Grace and Peace and Easter blessings to you! I write this morning with exciting news about changes in our staff. First, I am honored to announce the call of the Rev. Deacon Marcea Paul as our Curate for Pastoral Care. […]

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Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on Discipleship

On Saturday, May 5, 2018 Episcopalians from all around Austin gathered at The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd to hear Presiding Bishop Michael Curry speak on the topic of Discipleship. With this message, Bishop Curry intended to start an ongoing conversation about Discipleship around the city and beyond. We invite you to listen here! […]

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