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Coffee Hour Conversation









Coffee Hour Conversation:
Getting Back to Better-than-Normal

Sunday, September 27   |   following online worship

Amid the gradual reopening taking place around us, it’s easy to begin hoping for a return to “normal,” or life as it was before COVID-19. But is that really what we want? An honest appraisal of pre-pandemic society reveals several startling trends: alarming disconnectedness, widespread emotional isolation, as well an unhealthy obsession with busy-ness.

What would it look like if we took advantage of this moment to re-set our values? How might we reclaim the centrality of connection and relationships? Join Director of Programs Aimee Bostwick this Sunday after worship as she examines these questions with the Rev. Channing Smith, Rector, and Dr. Beth Charrier, parishioner and clinical psychologist. They will explore the mindset and habits that were leading us away from human flourishing. And they’ll share with us ways that, as followers of Jesus, we can model a new way of living in the age after pandemic – one rooted in the values of God’s kingdom that promises new freedom and abundant life.

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