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Coffee Hour Conversations


Coffee Hour Conversation: Pandemic Gardening as a Spiritual Practice
Sunday, August 9   |   following online worship

The pandemic has unleashed a crisis of food insecurity across our nation. Meanwhile, the social isolation wrought by the pandemic has also created a nation of gardeners, as veteran and novice devotees alike take to tilling the earth for comfort. How might this activity of spiritual and emotional nourishment provide critical physical nourishment to a nation increasingly starved for food? Might we heed our Christian call to serve as stewards of the earth while also heeding the Gospel call to feed those who are hungry? We’ll discuss these questions and more at this Sunday’s Coffee Hour conversation, when we welcome Brian Sellers-Petersen, co-founder of the Episcopal Food, Farming, and Faith Network and 15-year veteran of Episcopal Relief & Development. Brian will speak to our own Lisa McMinn who has developed a vibrant garden ministry in our own community. We hope you’ll join us!

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