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Making a Home for Faith: Home Worship for Individuals and Families


It is our sincere hope that we, as the Good Shepherd Family across our two campuses, will “make a home for faith“ in our own individual dwellings. This is an opportunity to be formed in a new way, integrating our spiritual inheritance into the very heart of our daily lives. Although we cannot worship together as we usually would, we will worship nonetheless. And as we do, we will undoubtedly find ourselves connected ever more deeply to God and one another despite our distance.

In the interactive booklet below, you will find resources for daily prayer and worship through Easter. It includes a simplified version of Compline (night prayers), a simple form for Lectio Divina, a Palm Sunday House Blessing, and the three services of the Triduum (or Three Days): Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil.

All of these offerings have been designed for praying at home, either as an individual or a small gathering of friends and family. While some of the services assume a small gathering, they can also be used by an individual who, while physically alone, is nevertheless gathered in spirit with the rest of the church. If desired, those worshiping alone might consider worshiping by phone, Face-time or Zoom with a friend.

Families with young children are invited to adapt these services even further. If you have a picture or story book that lines up with the appointed scripture, feel free to use it instead. Prayers can be shortened or skipped as needed. Children who can read are encouraged to lead parts of the service. And the use of concrete objects – such as candles, water, branches or flowers from the yard, pictures, crosses, icons and so on – is highly encouraged.

After you conclude the final prayers in this booklet for Saturday evening, we hope you will celebrate. It will be Easter! Have at least one piece of chocolate. Call a friend. Hug the ones you’re with. Do something you love. Dance, sing, and shout Alleluia!

Christ is risen! The Lord is Risen Indeed!

Home Worship for Individuals and Families Booklet HERE

Recording of The Compline Song HERE