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Way of Love Wednesdays


Worship: The Feast of the Ascension
May 20   |   6:30 pm

The fifty-day season of Easter commences each year on Easter Day and concludes with our Pentecost celebration. But there’s a third, often overlooked Eastertide feast: Ascension Day. Falling each year on the 40th day of Easter, this feast commemorates Jesus’ ascent into heaven where, as we profess in our creed, he “is seated at the right hand of the Father.” We invite you to join us for a discussion with the Very Rev. Dr. Cynthia Kittredge, Dean of Seminary of the Southwest, as she helps us tap into the scriptural and theological riches of the feast of the Ascension.

Join live on our Facebook page or our Webinar page on our website. For more information, please contact Aimee Bostwick.