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What Do You See: Photo Sharing

Through the season of Easter, we will examine the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus in the Gospel of John. With each statement, we discover how God is present in the world around us and how God is revealed to us when we take the time to “see” with new eyes. Each week will focus on a particular statement followed by a reflective question.

Week of April 4 :
I Am the Resurrection and the Life
Read: the story of Lazarus in John 11
Where are you experiencing the hope of the resurrection in your life?

Week of April 11:
I Am the Light of the World
Read: John 8:12-13
How have you come to follow God in new ways, finding light when it has seemed most dark?

Week of April 18:
I Am the Bread of Life
Read: John 6
What nourishment have you been offered or found in unexpected ways over the past year?

Week of April 25:
I Am the Gate for the Sheep
Read: John 10:1-10
As you have listened for the voice of the Shepherd, how have you been led to new opportunities, to new life? What new way has been opened for you?

I Am the Good Shepherd
Read: John 10:11-18
How have you come to be known by God?  How has God come to be known by you?

Week of May 2:
I Am the Vine
Read: John 15:1-17
As you have sought to remain in God during this time of being apart, how have you come to find connection with God? With the Good Shepherd community? With those you love?

Week of May 9:
I Am the Way the Truth and the Life
Read: John 14:1-7
In what ways have you encountered God as Way, Truth and Life during this time when the world has seemed so different?

What Do You See — Photo Sharing
Keeping in mind these seven statements of Jesus as we journey through the 50 days of Easter, I invite you to share encounters with the Good Shepherd, the Vine and the Light of the World through quick snapshots of those moments. By sharing our photos we help one another see God in new ways, through one another’s eyes.

Please email your photos to aimee@gsaustin.org

Photos will be shared via social media and video.