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Worship at Woodland is steeped in tradition, enlivened with joy, and everyone is welcome here.

We offer a traditional worship service for a contemporary, multi-generational congregation Sundays at 10:30a. Music is important to us, and our acoustic band brings energy and joy to our service.

Our service follows the Episcopal liturgy in a comfortable setting. We pray in the more contemporary language of The Book of Common Prayer’s Rite II, and all prayers, scriptures and hymns are printed in the bulletin to help you follow along.

Worship at Woodland includes readings from scripture; a 12–14 minute sermon; prayers; congregational singing; and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. We offer a brief children’s sermon for the kids, after which they may either remain in the service or go to the playground for a supervised program.

The Rev. Laurence Wainwright-Maks, is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), and members of the Deaf community frequently attend and participate fully in worship.

Worship is the work of people. And whether you are most comfortable reading scripture, praying, offering a warm hello or even (especially!) making coffee, there’s important work for you here. Consider volunteering once a month to help bring the Sunday service to vibrant life – we promise it will be a gift for you, for others and an opportunity to deepen your faith. Contact the Rev. Laurence Wainwright-Maks to learn more.

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The Hill Worship Band
The musicians at Woodland create a fresh expression of sacred, traditional music for Sunday worship services by arranging hymns and anthems for guitar, bass, piano and percussion. Contact Matt Bradshaw if you’d like to learn more or join in!

 The Hill Pick-up Choir
Our Pick-up Choir performs every other Sunday. Singers receive the music in advance and practice morning-of to keep things simple. This is a small-time commitment that delivers great joy–there’s a reason so many of our regular attendees have become Pick-Up Choir members! Contact Matt Bradshaw if you’d like to learn more or join in!


When is the service?
Sunday mornings at 10:30a

Do I have to dress up?
No. We are a casual congregation, but if you like to dress up, feel free!

How long is a service?
A worship service is about one hour long.

I’ve never been to an Episcopal Church. Am I going to know what to do?
Your bulletin will tell you what’s happening in the service, including words to the prayers and hymns. Our priest (that’s like a pastor or a minister in other denominations) will also walk the congregation through the service. If at any time you feel confused, ask the person next to you what’s going on. They’ll be happy to help.

Should I bring a Bible?
We print all the day’s scriptures in our bulletin, so you only have to bring a Bible if you want to!

Is there parking?

Are kids welcome?
Definitely. Nursery care is available, for children under age 3 years, during our 10:30a worship service. Also we offer a brief children’s sermon, especially for kids. Afterward they can remain in the service or go to the playground for a supervised program. Those who head to the playground will return to the sanctuary in time for Communion.

I’m not an Episcopalian. Can I take communion?
All people who have been baptized, regardless of denomination, are welcome to take communion. If you have not been baptized or are not comfortable taking communion, you are welcome to come forward to receive a blessing instead.

I’m gluten-free. Can I take communion?
Gluten-free wafers are available at the altar. Let us know, and we’ll get them for you.

Is Woodland ADA accessible?

Have more questions?
Reach out. We’d love to hear from you.