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Weekday Formation

Jessica Rockowitz Photography
Jessica Rockowitz Photography


Please note:
Under the direction of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, we will conduct our formation programming online until we are able to gather again in person. This page contains information on our online Online Weekday Adult Formation. We look forward to seeing you online soon.

Contemplative Prayer Groups
Wednesdays   |   5:15 pm
Contemplative prayer, a form of Christian meditation, aims to open practitioners to the presence of God who dwells with us always. The tone of this prayer is peace, stillness, and quiet. Contemplative prayer seeks a personal encounter with God through silence but is powerful when practiced with others.

We will meet virtually on Wednesdays for a 20 minute practice of contemplative prayer. We will begin by check-in as people are welcomed into the space followed by a 20 minute sit. Please invite others that you know will appreciate this practice.
For more information and for a link to join, please contact Aimee Bostwick.

Men’s Bible & Brew
Mondays   |   6:30 pm
This is a multigenerational group of diverse intellects and opinions that has formed strong friendships in meeting weekly for fellowship and bible study. All are welcome, and this weekly meeting is BYOB.

We will meet virtually on Mondays. New members are welcome to join us.
For more information and for a link to join the meeting, please contact the Rev. Stanford Adams.

Transitions Bible Study
Tuesdays   |   1:30 pm
This Bible Study is for any women in transition—those new to being empty nesters, retirement, or any other period of transition in life. Together we will read different books of the bible, explore the books' meaning at the time written and how the stories speak to our lives today.

We will meet virtually on Tuesdays.
For more information and for a link to join, please contact Aimee Bostwick or the Rev. Marcea Paul.

Mom’s Bible Study
Tuesdays   |   9:30 am 
Moms' Bible Study provides a safe space to learn more about God’s Word and to support one another in the trials and joys of motherhood.

We will meet virtually on Tuesdays. Our time together will serve as continued connection and support for each other.
For more information and for a link to join the meeting, please contact Jessica Riels.

Thursday Forum & Bible Study
Thursdays   |    10:00 am
This study meets for lively and intellectual discussion of scripture and faith. We study and encourage each other on our journey of spiritual and personal discovery. It is a joyous group of members and non-members, with no maximum number of participants. The Forum is also a way to stay connected to the church community and become aware of other aspects of parish life. All are welcome.

To virtually attend please email Aimee Bostwick.

Women's Book Club
Second Tuesday of the month   |    6:00 pm  
Women's Book Club is an intergenerational group that meets for lively conversation while discussing books through the lens of a shared spiritual journey. This group meets in the Reflection Room.

For more information, list of upcoming books and for a link to join the meeting, please contact the Rev. Marcea Paul.

Women on the Journey
Thursdays   |    11:00 am
Women on the Journey is a small group that meets weekly for a time of spiritual connection, mutual support, study, and prayer. Members find not only meaning and guidance for their own spiritual journeys but also become companions to one another on the journey of faith to which Christ beckons. Our group is always open to new members.

For more information and for a link to join, please email Aimee Bostwick.