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Elementary Workshop Rotations

Our Elementary Formation offerings accommodate slightly different age ranges. See below for details.


Workshop Rotations
Sundays, 9:30a
Education | Windsor Campus


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Workshop Rotations is an energetic and wonderfully creative program that encourages our children to engage the Bible in new ways. The curriculum is comprised of varying themes, each comprised of multiple workshops, which educate using elements such as music, art, storytelling, creative movement, scavenger hunts, food, and science.

K5-5th grades

Communion Instruction helps our children better understand the meaning of this Sacrament. All Baptized children are welcome and encouraged to receive Communion, and this class furthers their connection to it through comprehension of the great feast. Children receive instruction, which gives them an opportunity to closely examine the furnishing and layout of the church, the sacristy, the baptismal font, and the altar area. They learn the names of the sacred vessels and furniture, as well as the meanings and symbolism of these items. Within this context, children have the opportunity to ask questions, handle vessels, and move around in the church while being respectful of sacred spaces.

2nd Grade and Older

The Edge creates an opportunity for our children to build a supportive and loving community of friends who will walk with them as they begin a challenging, transitional time in their lives. This precursor to Youth Group explores friendship and fellowship while nurturing healthy relationships and a strong church community. These bonds have a life-long impact on our children.

4th - 5th Grades