Called by Name – The Rev. Shannon Preston – Church Building

January 1, 2017

    “…Someone once told me that if you can say the name of Jesus aloud or simply in your mind and heart all is not lost. No matter how bad things seem to be, how hopeless or lost or sad you feel. If you can recite Jesus’ name there is hope, there is presence, there is recognition of Jesus, God with us, the God who saves. And I am grateful for this instruction. Perhaps some of you are involved in meetings, in conversations, in moments that you get pulled into, caught up and seem to shake you a little more than is comfortable. That want to pull you away from a way of living or way of thinking and acting that is in line with the person God has made you to be. I recognize these times in my life and there are instances that in the middle of these times, the name of Jesus seems to bubble up from somewhere deep within and I am brought back to a place of greater comfort, assurance strength, kindness and patience…”

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