The Gift of Joyful Gratitude – The Rev. Christine Love Mendoza – Communion Café

October 16, 2016

    “…The obvious challenge for us in this text is to give with the same complete devotion and trusting faithfulness that marks the widow’s gift – to give sacrificially rather than from the comfort of our abundance. This woman, who most likely is more in need of receiving, is instead reflecting God’s nature in her gracious gift-giving. It is also worth noting that in her faithful giving, the poor widow is also rejoicing in her Creator and bearing God’s image boldly. To give all that she has, is to remember God’s grace and rejoice in it. To give as she has done is to recognize and delight in all creation and to call it good. To gift in this way, this widow lives most fully into her blessed humanity, and when one gives like that, even the smallest gifts are grace-filled offerings…”

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