The Duality Of The Southern Thing – The Rev. Morgan Allen – Church Building

August 20, 2017

    “…I needed most of forty years to find the courage to confront my past honestly and to accept my Southern inheritances, their good and their ill…The task of such honest reflection for us as a nation promises to be infinitely more complex and difficult – there will be no easy answers, and I suggest no simple solution – yet, we as Christians can begin that deserving labor, even if only on our corners of Woodland and Windsor, because we know that the story of our God does not end on the cross…Therefore, we have strength, for we set our faith in Resurrection, even when what we experience is crucifixion…whether the mortal danger of suffering slavery, segregation, and suspicion, or the demanding experience of testing our most dearly held assumptions and realizing the unholy power of what we did not intend or choose…or, more grimly, what we did…”

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