The Hill

Located in a rapidly changing part of Austin, the Hill is an intimate community with a more eclectic worshipping style. Though the liturgy (the form in which worship occurs) may be traditionally Episcopalian, we are often unconventional! For those who may prefer a smaller worshipping community and multiple opportunities to serve and lead, the Hill is often the perfect setting.

The Hill was founded in 2016 and includes a neighborhood park and a community garden. Join us for a worship service at 10:30a on Sunday mornings and for social and formational events year-round. We invite you to join us!

Our Sunday service at 10:30a includes readings from the Bible, a sermon, and a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Our house band – Hill’s Angels, including piano, guitar and bass – provides a rich atmosphere for worship. Our Sunday services often include an American Sign Language interpreter, and we frequently welcome members of the deaf community.

The Hill is home to Hillside Early Childhood Center. Hillside, founded in 2018, offers a full-day, year-round developmental program for infants and children aged six weeks to four years. The school provides southeast Austin with excellent, whole-child education aimed at expanding opportunities for Kindergarten readiness in the area.