Lent 4 Year A – The Rev. Thomas Morris – Communion Cafè

March 26, 2017

    “…Those watching all this unfold refuse to accept what they can plainly see. First, the neighbors, “this is the beggar.”  Then, the Pharisees, the religious folks, and their rigid reliance on the rules and law.  “It is the Sabbath.  No one from God would heal on the Lord’s day.”  The crowd calls out for the man’s parents.  “Is this your son?”  “Yes, they say fearfully, but he is his own man, ask him how he came to see, not us,” afraid what would happen to them if they supported their son against the powers that be.

    Neighbors, the religious leaders, parents—they all can see what has happened, but they are unwilling/unable to believe it. …”