Karolina Gwiazda

Creative Director

Karolina joined the Good Shepherd staff in late 2015 as the Graphic Designer and quickly moved up to a role of a Creative Director. She is responsible for all of the design and visual communication on both Good Shepherd campuses – from branding and printed materials to social media and website. Karolina was born in Poland and moved to Connecticut when she was 17-years old. She then earned her BFA in Graphic Design and Communication, with a minor in Photography, from Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford. After 20+ years of competitive, fast-paced “Madison Avenue” advertising experience in New York City, Karolina was drawn to Austin because of the friendly, smiling faces, the joy of living, and the connection to nature this city has to offer. A mother to her wonderful 11-year daughter named Maya, Karolina is committed to making Maya’s childhood the best experience ever. Her hobbies include yoga, biking, hiking the Greenbelt, photography, and the local Austin art scene.