Lord, save me – The Rev. Shannon Preston – Church Building

August 13, 2017

    “We need God. We are not capable to save ourselves, as much as our culture and society today tries to tell us we can. There are times when we need the grace, the forgiveness, the love and comfort, presence and guidance of God and that has not changed. There are times when this need is obvious and times when we feel gladly self-sufficient. Perhaps a need is immediate, and, like Peter sinking into the sea, Jesus grabs Peter’s hand, rescuing him in that moment. Perhaps the need requires a more complex response, it is a different kind of petition. Like Joseph, who will come out of the pit and, over time, proceed from being betrayed by his brothers to ruling his people, the land of his brothers. Regardless of our need, it never does us poorly to call upon God and prayers are always available to us. And, it can be as simple as a word, a phrase, Lord, save me…”