Stewarsdship 1 – The Rev. Shannon Preston – The Hill

October 16, 2016

    “…And giving of ourselves is risky, because it puts us in a position to meet Christ. When we give to others it is possible we meet Christ in them, when we give to others it is also possible they meet Christ in us. We don’t always know what others need—I did not expect a sweet potato cake to cause such excitement, to somehow pull out stories from people but it did. We don’t always know and It can be risky—but to give is a risk so deeply worth taking. We do not know what we receive when we give something of ourselves but we can pray and rejoice in the hope that we are offering something that makes a difference—and as we heard today—gifts sometimes seem like they don’t make a difference—two pennies in a treasury—but that is sometimes most valued of all. So, at the beginning of this stewardship season I invite you to begin thinking about what you can give. What you are called to give. And God gives us many gifts and these are gifts to share…”

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