The Church In The Age Of The False Victim – The Rev. Morgan Allen – PLC

October 16, 2016

    “…God continues to choose the Church as an alternative to the market politic of the moment, the cultural force of any given season in our common life.  By our commitments, God continues to choose the Church for sharing ideas grander than fleeting memes…for narrating stories with horizons further back than this empire, and more distantly before us than our most glorious hopes can imagine.  So, when I despair – when I want to scream at the TV or cry in my pillow – I give thanks to God for the Church.  I give thanks to God for that imperfect, holy collection of souls who truly sacrificed – widow and wealthy, alike – who sought the higher road and made possible this sanctuary, which is one of honesty and vulnerability, and not of willful ignorance or avoidance…”

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