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Make a Stewardship Pledge for 2022


You make a difference! Thank you for your ongoing financial support of Good Shepherd’s mission through your annual pledge. We have been able to weather a turbulent year and remain steadfast in worship, prayer and service to others because of you! Thank you!

There is no greater privilege I have than to talk with others about stewardship. The more I understand the giving nature of God revealed through the life of Jesus, the more I am grateful for all that has been given to us. We are formed by God’s generous love each and every day. Our response to this gift is to offer all that we are in service of others.

Frequently, I need to be called back to this posture of gratitude and generosity, and I often am by our shared parish life. I am reminded of it in worship, in the remarkable wisdom so often shared by children, and in watching the kindness of our parishioners who reach out to those experiencing times of sadness or difficulty. All of these are examples of God’s generous love in our community. I am humbled and grateful for them. As a result, I am inspired to be more generous with the gifts that I have to share.

We live out this generosity corporately as well as individually. We are committed as a parish to reaching out in faith and service to others. We believe this is our call from God. Each year, your pledge helps fund efforts to bring the Good News of Christ in direct and beautiful ways to those who need this news and support.

This year we will be even more direct in reaching beyond our walls in Christ’s name. In addition to ongoing support for outreach in our operating budget, this year we will reach out to those in need in an extraordinary way. For every dollar we exceed our pledge goal, we will give a dollar to Community First! Village and The Other Ones Foundation to help end homelessness in our community.

This challenge to all of us is to help us exceed our pledge goal of $3,015,000 so that we can give Community First! Village up to $100,000 to build five new permanent homes and to give The Other Ones Foundation up to $100,000 to build community spaces and housing designed for those as they first come out of homelessness. These gifts will create permanent housing and offer critical services for our homeless neighbors. These extraordinary gifts are in addition to our ongoing outreach commitments. With your help and with God’s help, we can fund both our ministries and these extraordinary gifts to the community.

Our stewardship drive will begin on Sunday, October 17, and we ask that you make your pledge by Sunday, November 7.

On behalf of our parish, vestry and staff, I am very grateful for your committed financial support of Good Shepherd. Together, we are grounding our love in a greater purpose and grounding our purpose in a greater love.


The Rev. Channing Smith, Rector

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